Monthly Archives: June 2010

Google Voice

When are they going to stop doing amazingly creative stuff??

Although this time seems like they got the idea from the asterisk pbx and made it usable for any person.

Great service, anyway, specially to transcript voice mail messages and send as text.


Debugging Voyager

I find it amazing how engineers were good at the seventies. Even more amazing is that Voyager spacecrafts were launched in 1977, and yes, they are still working! It’s really interesting also to know that they can still debug failures 14 billion kilometers away. When the last problem happened, they sent a reset command, which took 13 hours to arrive in the Voyager’s computer, and after resetting, the Voyager 2 spacecraft sent a a reply, which also took 13 hours to arrive on Earth.



Access to Google tools from the command line

This is really nice. Check the examples:

bash-3.1$ google contacts list name,email –title "Rafael"

bash-3.1$ google contacts list name,email –title "Rafael"
bash-3.1$ google docs edit –title "TODO List" –editor vim
bash-3.1$ google picassa post –title "Foto do Matheus" ~/fotos/*.jpg

(of course, all from the command line!)