If you need to list all hosts in your network, no matter if its wired or wireless, here an easy way with a great tool (arp-scan):

bash-3.1# arp-scan –interface=wlan0 –localnet –interval=100

Interface: wlan0, datalink type: EN10MB (Ethernet)
Starting arp-scan 1.7 with 256 hosts ( 00:21:91:71:a8:1c D-Link Corporation 00:18:41:c9:df:46 High Tech Computer Corp 00:13:02:cf:f8:6d Intel Corporate

3 packets received by filter, 0 packets dropped by kernel
Ending arp-scan 1.7: 256 hosts scanned in 51.617 seconds (4.96 hosts/sec). 3 responded

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