The poor’s man Beagle Board

Well, as I don’t have a DVI monitor, I wanted to boot my Beagle Board XM by default using the S-Video output.

1. Connect the serial cable and enter U-Boot prompt @ 115200,8N1
2. Type printenv

My beagle default config in the card says (defaultdisplay=dvi)

Now things are easy:

3. setenv defaultdisplay=tv
4. saveenv
5. boot (or reset)

And there it is the default output to S-Video!

2 thoughts on “The poor’s man Beagle Board

  1. th3anu

    Can I do this in UEnv.txt file. I mean i write there defaultdisplay=tv. THere is not such statement there, but i read on internet that doing this set mode to S-video

  2. Rafael Aroca Post author

    Hi th3anu, of course you can. uenv.txt simply contais the boot arguments to the kernel. Simply edit the file and put defaultdisplay=tv there at the end of the line.

    But I am not sure if defaultdsplay=tv kernel parameter has changes in earlier kernel versions….


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