GM’s Volt: 10 million lines of code

In 2008 I knew that a car had 50-100 microcontrollers and 30% of the its costs were spent in electronics.

Now (2010) we have an IP network, 100 microcontrollers, and 40% of the costs in electronics. Of course, all controlled by software: 10 millions of source code…

Can you imagine that most of these code were automatically generated? Can you imagine that as an automatic generated system, this software can be bloated, and finally does anyone remember that IBM own research (Taurion) says that 1000 lines of code have 50 errors before debugging and 20 errors after debugging. Tanenbaum also says that 1000 lines of code have 6 to 16 errors. And I’m not talking about compiler errors, but logic errors not noticed….

Even tough I guess these new generation cars can actually work well thanks to FAA tests and strict rules.

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