Monthly Archives: March 2011

Resuming downloads from rapidshare, fileserve, megaupload….

If you ever had problems downloading a big file from file hosting services, this could be useful for you:

If a download is interrupted from one of these services, you can resume the download from where it stopped with simple commands:

1 – If you were using Firefox, rename the “.part” file to the final filename

$ mv big-file.rar.part big-file.rar

2 – Then, copy the download link from the browser (in Firefox, simply click with the right button on the file under downloads window and click with the left button on the option “Copy download link”)

3 – Now use wget to resume the download using HTTP/206 method (partial content)

$ wget -c http://……/big-file.rar

-c option tells wget to resume/continue the download.