Monthly Archives: October 2011

DLNA and Ubuntu

Recently I bought an Android based tablet from Asus. It came with an application called MyNet that is supposed to play multimedia files from other computers on the network or control DLNA enabled media players in the net.

Most information and documentation is for Windows systems, but MyNet uses the DLNA protocol, which is implemented by the open source project rygel.

So, what I did:

On my desktop computer

#apt-get install rygel

$rygel &


(This last command opens a dialog box to select which folder we want to export. I selected my music, photos and movies folder)

After that we just have to open the MyNet app on the tablet and click on the name of the server. We’ll be able to view photos and play music on tablet using the files stored in the desktop computer.

Video is also supposed to work, but in my case I get an error in Rygel logfiles saying that the client aborted the operation (which is HTTP based). In the tablet I get “Load fail”. Well, i did not try to solve this as I was not interested in playing video, but I guess that would not be too hard to solve.