Remotely setting TI eZ430 Chronos display

I was playing with some stuff and wanted to dynamically monitor a sensor, and see its value on the eZ430 Chronos watch.

Here’s how I did it on Linux, but works on Windows also:
Copy eZ430-Chronos CC 1_2.tcl to display.tcl

edit display.tcl

On line 1466, before “Send heart rate to RF access point”, add these lines #Rafael
set f [open /tmp/ez]
while {[gets $f line] >= 0} {
puts “Reading file /tmp/ez”
puts “Value: $line”
set hr $line
puts “hr=$hr”
close $f

#end rafael


catch { BM_BR_SetHeartrate $hearthate } res^M


catch { BM_BR_SetHeartrate $hr } res^M

Start the display script and click on Start Bluerobin simulator. Select heartrate on the watch and press up button to start receiving data. From now on, every number put on /tmp/ez will be shown in the watch.

for i in `seq 1 20`; do echo $i > /tmp/ez; sleep 2; done

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