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Before submitting

Great phrase and something to reflect. I myself revised several journal articles that had to be rejected in that way.

PS.: I found this phrase on a mailing list, but don’t know the authorship. Sorry for the original author.

"Although this paper need not be exceptional, it should add significantly
to the field for you to recommend acceptance or revision. Lately, a
substantial number of papers have been submitted that can be called "not
wrong" papers. These are papers that contain no errors, but they also lack
any new and useful information that would move your field forward; they
may provide no citable results, or document so little progress that
researchers in your field will ignore them. These papers take up your time
and ours; they clutter up the literature; and they do not advance research
in the field. If you find this paper fits this description, you should
recommend that the paper be rejected."