HTML Splash Screen with “don’t show again” option

BIPES project needed a splash screen, so I adapted the code from a W3C tutorial and added cookies so that the user can click on the select box “Do not show this screen anymore” and a cookie is set. When this cookie is set, the next access to the webpage will not show the splash screen. Simple, but useful 🙂

Source code:


6 thoughts on “HTML Splash Screen with “don’t show again” option

  1. Henk


    Is there an option to leave a screen-snip on this reply box.

    I wanted to leave an example of the BIPES login screen and ask guidance where I can find the register option ??

    1. Rafael Aroca Post author

      Could you please give more details about your question? I did not understand what you want.
      best regards

      1. Henk


        In case I post a question in the “Post/Reply” section .. for clarification purposes I would like to add either a jpg file, a png file, or a “screen snip”

        Is this possible ? (I tried a couple of ties .. but it failed).

        I think for clarification purposes it would be useful.

        Are you sure that the option to register is in the forum’s web screen? .. I see no other people signing up.

        I’m enrolled in some courses e.g. IOT (Udemy), Python and Django and part of their forums (fora ?).

        I have highlighted to other students the new BIPES website and some have shown interest .. but I see no new BIPES Forum members.

        Can I suggest that you ask one of your colleagues/students to sign-up .. just to test the system!

      2. Rafael Aroca Post author

        Hello Henk! Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

        About adding an image, I totally agree that it is important for clarification. I just tried it on the forum, and worked for me. Could you please give more details about the failure? If possible, take a print and past here.

        Sure you can (and should) ask people to sign-up. This will help create a community for BIPES forum. We thank you for thinking / helping with that.

        I also just added 2 menu items with explicit links to forum registration. Hope this is easier. Best regards!


  2. Henk

    There is a small (non critical) spelling error on the splash screen :

    lauched should spell launched

    1. Rafael Aroca Post author

      Thanks for the careful observation 🙂
      This is not a problem anymore because we updated the recent news with the IoT dashboard and the feature “restore selected boards” when shared blocks are opened.


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