BIPES and Web Bluetooth on ESP32 – first working test!

  • Get a generic ESP32. Used this one:
Wemos D1 Mini Módulo Esp32 Esp-32s Cp2104 - Frete Carta | Mercado Livre
  • Connect to the board and copy 3 files to the board:, and

There files are available here:

You can use BIPES itself to easily copy the files to the board (network or USB )!

  • Enable the Bluetooth REPL Service with the code on BIPES Web USB / Serial terminal:
import ble_uart_repl

You can add these lines to if you want this service to be enabled at every boot.

  • Use your operating system bluetooth options to connect to the mpy-repl bluetooth device
  • A connected message will be shown:

On the console tab, click on “Connect (Web Bluetooth)”

And you will get the Bluetooth REPL terminal using BIPES to your ESP32 generic board!

Thank you very much makerdiary. I based the Web Bluetooth code on his project, which can also be directly used from the Web to access the ESP32 Web Bluetooth REPL:

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