Doing Research in Brazil

When we love what we do and have no responsibility with our own money 😦

Boards purchased for research / experiments:

2 pyboards from MicroPython Store (They are great, by the way)

Total = 64.75 GBP

Shipping: 45 GBP

Total order with shipping: 109.75 GBP (=149.56 USD or =809.91 BRL [R$])

Taxes: 850 BRL – more than the value of the products plus the shipping!

Total: R$ 1659 (BRL) for 2 pyboards!

R$ 1659 would buy:

  • 24 Arduinos UNO
  • 70 Big Macs @ Brazil (Big Mac Index)
  • 7 PyBoards v1.1 (without considering shipping)
  • 6 PyBoards v1.1 (considering shipping)

(*) GBP/Dollar conversion on 19-08-2021

The order:

The taxes:

And the R&D investment compared to the judiciary system on several countries:

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