Blockly User Summit Hands-On

Boards in order of appearance and connection port (from left to right):

[Board 1 (8061); Board 3 (8063); Board 4 (8064); Board 5 (8065); Board 2 (8062)]

Live camera:

User: camera / Password: camera123

ESP8266 boards for remote tinkering with BIPES / Blockly

Five boards are available – one user at a time!

Board 1: ws:// / Pass: bipes1

Board 2: ws:// / Pass: bipes10

Board 3: ws:// / Pass: bipes0003

Board 4: ws:// / Pass: bipes04

Board 5: ws:// / Pass: bipesFive

Program 1 – Write B to LED Matrix

Open the URL above and connect to the board:

Program: L and O

Program: C

Program: K

Program – L and Y

IoT Demo:

Access the link above and check the IOT and EasyMQTT tabs.

You can also view only the data (without the program):

OR read the QR-Code on your phone:


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