BIPES and the Raspberry Pi Pico W

Since the announcement of Raspberry Pi Pico, many great things have happened to BIPES Project (, and many great projects have been created with the Raspberry Pi Pico! But a Wifi connection was a dream of every Pico enthusiast.

The recent announcement of the 6-dollar Raspberry Pi Pico ( is a dream come true, and, in my humble opinion, the start of a new revolution for IoT, STEAM, educational robotics, and other areas! Thanks and congratulations Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Today, BIPES has more than 15 thousand users (underestimated by Google Analytics considering users using BIPES online at with about 50 thousand sessions/solutions created!

Raspberry Pi Pico W works out of the box with BIPES, but we could not get one on our hands to test networking features! Anyway, we made the networking functions available and they should work, thanks to MicroPython. If you have one Raspberry Pi Pico W, help us test BIPES networking options with it! We hope to test too, soon!

Best regards and enjoy playing with your Raspberry Pi Picos W!

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