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My name is Rafael, and currently I am a Professor at Federal University of São Carlos, a Brazilian public University located at the São Carlos city, considered the Brazilian “Capital of Technology”. I’ve been using Linux for more than 15 years (Linux User #56352). I love teaching, developing new projects and ideas and playing around with Linux, software, electronics and mechatronics stuff.


Rafael V. Aroca holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UFRN and a Master in Mechanical Engineering, in the area of ​​Mechatronics, from EESC-USP. During his graduation, he attended a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, with an emphasis on Administration and Network Management, at the University of São Paulo (ICMC-USP), also having a degree in Electronics Technician. He worked in several companies and startups, in technical and managerial positions, where he developed and/or coordinated the development of several innovative products and services, accumulating more than 15 years of professional experience in the areas of Information Technology, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Mechatronics and Linux-based Systems. In the academic area, his doctoral thesis comprised the development of a low-cost robotics platform ($10) for educational robotics, while his master’s work involved studies and analysis on real-time operating systems (RTOS) for robotics and applications. He received several awards for his work and academic performance and was Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), at the Instituto Metrópole Digital (IMD), where he also served as Executive Manager of Inova Metrópole, the IT business incubator of the IMD/UFRN. He is currently an Professor at the Department of Computing at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), carrying out Teaching, Research and Extension activities in the areas of Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Education, Instrumentation, Mechatronics and Educational Robotics. He is a member of the IEEE in the “Senior Member” category and is part of the organizing team of the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad (OBR), National Science Olympiad, supported by CNPq, since 2007, which has already had about 1 million participants throughout Brazil and has the mission of disseminating Science, Technology and Robotics among young people from 6 to 18 years old, encouraging them to follow careers in the exact sciences and technology areas and also promoting social and digital inclusion through technology. He is Trustee of RoboCup Brazil and was General Coordinator of the OBR at the National Level in 2017, and is now the state representative of the OBR in the state of São Paulo. Since May 2018 he has been Executive Director of UFSCar’s Innovation Agency / Technology transfer office (TTO). He is also the current Institutional Representative (RID) of UFSCar at CNPq for the MAI / DAI-Academic Master’s Program for Innovation and Academic Doctorate for Innovation. He is also part of the EMBRAPII-UFSCar Unit team in the advanced Materials area, created in 2020, and general coordinator of the Brazilian Satellite Olympiad.

Verified International Academic Qualifications

Badge: https://www.credly.com/badges/7e7c45dd-c7b9-4a50-849d-c40465674a5d/public_url

Country of Education: Brazil

Credential Name: Doctoral Degree

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Awarded by: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN

Equivalency in Canada: Earned doctorate

Name on Credential: AROCA, Rafael Vidal


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Henk

    Rafael .. Congratulations with the New Forum.

    I tried to find the registration option … but was not able to find one.
    I subsequently tried to log in with a random name .. which led me to the second option .. where I could select an option to register item.

    I entered the username and email address …. but did not receive an email from your system.

    Please can you check what I’m doing wrong and revert


    1. Rafael Aroca Post author

      Hi! Are you talking about the BIPES forum? I am configuring the email server right now….sorry. I installed WordPress content management with forum plugin, but still did not configure the email server.

      1. Henk

        Hi me again (Henk).

        2 remarks

        – Thanks for your relpy. I was not notified in any ways of your response …. I incidentally bumped into it when searched some (i.e.this) pages .. should the user not get a notification ?
        – I went to the BIPES page again but still cannot find a way to register … is something missing or I’m I doing something wrong ?
        – I did not see any other new users … is that correct ? … perhaps the missing registration option is the cause,
        If you want me to help you .. I’m willing to do some test log-in’s for you (contact me vdbijlh@hotmail.com).

      2. Rafael Aroca Post author


        1. This was an issue with the mail server. It is solved now 🙂 Now users should be notified by email.
        2. Solved, right? (for the forum). BIPES App itself does not require registration, especially because we do not store any user information and program, except when a link is generated by the user to share programs. Simply access and use it!
        3. You are correct! You are the FIRST (or second, after me) user!! This is because we just created the forum, so we are in the early days. Thanks for being one of the first users / beta testers 🙂
        4. Your help is really appreciated! Feel free to help us testing the forum, BIPES, etc. If you are interested, you are also invited to help our development team. We have several things on the TODO list. Documentation, testing, programming, etc.

        best regards!

      3. Henk


        I still observe a couple of issues:

        When I goto http://bipes.net.br/wp/

        > select Forum

        > When I want to add a new topic … it indicates “You have to be logged in to create new topics” ..

        1- Where is the option to “register” (for new users)

        2- Also repeatedly I enter my email + password > the system responds that the input credentials are not correct.

        > When I ask for a new password … the system indicates that an email is sent.. but I receive “nothing” also no email in my spambox !

        I might be doing something wrong … I don’t know what !!

        Please ask one of your colleagues to register as well and see if the system works !!!

        You mentioned work outstanding on the Projects ToDo list .. I’m very willing to participate .. however at the moment I have limited knowledge still in the learning phase .. but have time to contribute (I’m retired).

      4. Rafael Aroca Post author


        About the registration procedures – I hope they are easier now with the menu options.

        About helping, thank you! There are several ways to help, and you can learn while you help…its is a process 🙂 And it is important to help with something you really like.

        best regards!

      5. Henk

        The registration procedure is in a much better place now.

        One of my fellow students informed me he enrolled in the forum .. can you check his registration is in your system?

        Perhaps a personal preference but .. the emails I receive are with a heading : “Yet Another Technical Blog” .. would it not be more transparent that the BIPES project is included in the header. (BTW they all end up in my hotmail spam box).

        Can your emails be copied to my other email account vdbijlh@gmail.com

        In the section below I have entered my alternative email address — to see how the system handles this

      6. Rafael Aroca Post author

        TaserFace20 has subscribed.
        About “Yet Another Technology Blog”, it is the name of my personal blog! I posted some stuff about BIPES here, but now, I am posting on the BIPES site, which should appear as BIPES.

        best regards!

  2. Henk

    With reference to the subject of support (from my side with) topics in your project development!

    How can we decide how I can help best !

    For me personally …. my motive/objective is based on:

    – Interest in block based MicroPython control of ESP32/NodeMCU modules.
    – Expanding my knowledge of IoT related topics.
    – I can follow some (Internet based courses) … incase I currently lack the skills.

    1. Rafael Aroca Post author

      Hello Henk!

      I was thinking about your possible help, and maybe helping with building blocks for a dashboard would be great! I answered your message on BIPES forum and maybe this would be interesting for you. Right?

      As I told on the forum, just installed freeboard on BIPES server:

      Also, added several great plugins from here:

      Maybe we could design some blocks that, based on BIPES EasyMQTT details automatically generates a JSON configuration file for a freeboard dashboard, such as this one:

      In that way, a BIPES program with dashboard blocks would automatically setup, configure and make a dashboard available!

      best regards!


      1. Henk


        Some remarks:

        – Before make the big jump … Should there be not a more extensive search for various alternatives for a selected DashBoard and a comparison between those alternatives before making a final decision and implementation?

        – Is the BIPES Project following a Project Management plan /methodology ? and an additional Project Approval/Change Procedure ?

        – I have been Project Manager in large Oil and Gas Operational projects ( but also including IT projects i.e data gathering from Drilling Rigs in the desert of Oman with 23 remote – satellite connected – locations to a main data base. All these projects have been strictly controlled (sometimes with a VAR’s ) and guided by a monitored change procedure.

        – In short: is there a BIPES Project team in place .. are there Project Change/Approval Procedures.

        It’s your choice ….. but I think implementation into the IOT part of BIPES is a bit premature.

        I had a very quick look at “FreeBoard” and noted that after 30 days initial grace period, the subscription becomes 12 Euro a month (so not such a Free Board after all).

      2. Rafael Aroca Post author


        – About the “big jump”, I have been searching for a dashboard solution for some months, and freeboard seems perfect to me, but of course, BIPES is open source, and we can always change / modify it as better options are found with suitable requirements.

        – About project management/methodology, we don’t have a formal approach for it. We could discuss some methodology, but carefully, because BIPES is free and I work on it as a hobby/pleasure activity, like other people that are involved also. I don’t want the project to become very bureaucratic. Remember the book “The cathedral & the bazaar”. Of course methodology is important…but anyone can fork the github repository, contribute and make a merge request, which I can accept by now (I test all merges before accepting).

        Your experience seems great… 🙂

        – About IOT tab being premature, we are just testing/experimenting. If it is not a good idea, we can change routes, but if you go back to past github pushs, I have been trying to implement some kinds of dashboards, and after all that I tried, freeboard seemed to be the perfect solution for a flexible, attractive and powerful dashboard UI.

        – About FreeBoard costs, please note that freeboard is also free and open-source software, under MIT license:


        “A short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.”

        So, we are freely using freeboard under MIT license terms.

        FreeBoard is also a service. If you want to use freeboard as a service, on the cloud/servers, you can pay for it. It is like several other open-source initiatives: you can download, adapt and use free and at your own risk, but you can also pay to use at the developers’ servers, with backups, upgrades, premium features, etc. Think of WordPress (you can use a free version at their server, with limitations. Yon can use a paid version at their server, or you can download the sources and use it on your own server). In that way, I downloaded the sources, made some adjusts and published them on BIPES server. Do you think this is a good way? I really have not seen a free/open dashboard environment so flexible, attractive, and powerful as freeboard.

        best regards from Brazil


      3. Henk


        Thanks for your response .. I have some comments/suggestions.

        Would you like to use your “Yet Another Blog” or the BIPES Forum for discussions?

        The subject of Open Source Software Development is new to me .. I will look into the pro and cons a bit. (for my own education)

        My son is a “PipeLine” manager for “EPIC” based in London (a large US based software company) .. for my education I will discuss the topic of Open Source Sofware with him.

        Note — perhaps of interest
        I’m creating/try to maintain a “Simple Mind Map” to capture my ideas:


        (There are more of these types of tools, … I’m exploring/searching for a collaboration tool based on Mind Maps e.g. “MindMaster for Mind Mapping”).

        If your interested I could share my IoT Simple Mind Map (it’s a simplified version of some months ago .. and needs to be updated in view of the learning progress I have made sofar).

        I will create a new Map reflecting my way/path forward in BlockBased – MicroPython – ESP32/NodeMCU – MicroProcessors development.

        If you are interested let me know.

      4. Rafael Aroca Post author


        I think the BIPES forum or email is much better! This blog is kind of a personal blog for me, so we could focus the discussion on BIPES forum, so, anyone interested can participate. If you want, also, my personal email is rafaelaroca@gmail.com.

        About open source, if you have some time, the book I mentioned (https://www.amazon.com.br/Cathedral-Bazaar-Musings-Accidental-Revolutionary-ebook/dp/B0026OR3LM) is really interesting. We have read it 20 years ago as it was published, and I really enjoyed it.

        MindMap is great. One boss I had at a company used to do MindMaps for everything, so it is a nice tool to structure/share and discuss ideas. Sure, if you want to make one and share, would be nice. Maybe we can create a topic on BIPES developers forum and discuss this there…

        best regards!

      5. Henk


        For the second time a received a non delivery error (Yet Another Technology Blog): [image: image.png]

        I suggest you check this


        On Sun, 11 Jul 2021 at 13:02, Yet Another Technology Blog wrote:

        > Rafael Aroca commented: “Hello!! I think the BIPES forum or email is much > better! This blog is kind of a personal blog for me, so we could focus the > discussion on BIPES forum, so, anyone interested can participate. If you > want, also, my personal email is rafaelaroca@gmail.com. ” >

      6. Henk

        OK .. I will switch to BIPES for general Topics.

        Just last e-mail via this route .. as indicated …. I receive error messages. for emails in reply’s to your blog.emails

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