BIPES Maps – Geographical Information System integrated with BIPES

Some BIPES ( users requested a map feature, allowing sensors to be seen on a map, with real time updates or even moving objects / vehicles on the map controlled from BIPES HTTP Web Requests.

In that way, we have built a simple, yet functional Geographic Information system for BIPES.

Source code is here:

How to use:

Usage example:
1. Define a session ID, and make sure this session is clear for you.

2. Open the map with your session ID

3. Manage the map as you prefer using this interactive interface to create / edit / delete / update markers:

4. Use our webservices so that your application can update the map:

For example, if you want to add a marker to the map:

Icon used:

Add the same icon in another position

Add the same icon in another position, again!

The markers will automatically show on the map!

Now you can also move these markers with updatePosition or change data! Use BIPES HTTP GET Block to interact / control the map!

Happy BIPEing 😉

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