BIPES Book / Livro do BIPES

We have prepared a free BIPES eBook to help interested people with a basic introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems using BIPES! There are two versions: one in English and one in Portuguese. Book description: Embedded systems are everywhere: basically, they are miniature computers embedded in products, performing specific tasks. Some examples […]

ESP32S2, CircuitPython and BIPES: Franzininho WiFi

Franzininho WiFi ( is a Brazilian Open Hardware project based on the ESP32-S2 SoC from Espressif ( It was created by the Brazilian hardware designer and embedded systems enthusiast Fábio Souza. Franzininho WiFi supports CircuitPython (a project supported by Adafruit Industries) and is available on the official CircuitPython repository: or BIPES is a […]

[Post in Portuguese] Franzininho Wifi e BIPES

Este post é baseado na documentação do Franzininho WiFi ( preparado pelo Fábio Souza e Diana Santos: Nossa intenção é revisitar os exemplos e instruções apresentados pelo Fábio e Diana através do BIPES ( Para seguir, a placa já deve possuir o CircuitPython instalado, conforme explicado pelo Fábio e Diana na documentação do Franzininho […]

Playing music with BIPES and Web:BIT

The BPI bit (also referred to as BPI-bit, or bpi:bit) is an ESP32 based board with several features ( Works perfectly with BIPES! It includes a buzzer, so we can make a menu to ask which music the user wants to listen to with BIPES! The buzzer is on GPIO25: Then we can type the music […]