Adding data sources to freeboard is easy! is a great tool to create dashboards and data visualization screens quickly and easily! Creators were nice to create is as a service and as an open source software (

In order to easily test freeboard graphical components, I decided to create a data source that generates random numbers. It is simple and easy to use:

Source code:

How to use:

  1. Download and install freeboard (works offline or on a server – simply download the files from freeboard github repository);
  2. Add the freeboardRandomDataSource.js file to js directory
  3. Edit index.html from freeboard main directory and add the following line before “Load more plugins here”:
                // *** Load more plugins here ***

Done! Now you can add a random datasource, or several random data sources:


Online working demo (click on the wrench to customize / edit):

Congratulations and thanks for the creators of

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